yuffie_maybe (yuffie_maybe) wrote,

Fic: A Sweltering Summer Night

TItle: A Sweltering Summer Night
Author: yuffie_maybe
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Romano, hints of Spain/Romano
Warnings: masturbation, a little PWP, NSFW
Summary: Lovino gets a package in the mail and experiments with what's inside.

Lovino stared down at the package in front of him with slight trepidation.  He still couldn’t believe he had actually bought this.  It had been a spur of the moment thing really from a late night and he had been just a tiny bit lonely.  Still, looking at the box in front of him…  He should just throw it away, that’s what he should do.  Just, not even open it, take the box, put it in the trash and forget he had ever even bought this.

And he wanted to do it to, but there was a small part of him that was curious…  Surely he could just take a look and then throw it out right?  He nodded to himself.  Just a look.  A-and then he’d throw it out and forget about this lapse of his sanity.  Hesitantly he got some scissors and cut the tape, before slowly opening the box and taking out the object from within with a heavy swallow.

Inside was a flesh colored dildo, slightly curved and cool to the touch.  Honestly it didn’t look all that special, he was a guy after all he had one himself, but he decided to pick it up to get a closer look.  It even felt weird in his hands, but then suddenly he got a picture of strong hands, slightly rough from working in the fields running down his sides leaving fire trails in their wake.  With a shudder Lovino gasped, dropping the dildo.  Maybe it had been too long since he had been laid, he was starting to hallucinate…

Biting his lip he looked down at the dildo.  Still, it wouldn’t hurt…  And it’s not like anyone else would know.  Looking around he grabbed the dildo and put it back in the box, taking it upstairs with him to his room where he locked the door and shut the curtains, double-checking everything before taking the dildo back out and tossing the box into a corner.  His body was already flushed from embarrassment just from thinking about what he was about to do.

He unbuttoned his shirt, glancing again at the door nervously as if he expected his brother to come barging in at any moment despite knowing he was visiting Japan and thus there was no chance for him to be interrupted.  Lovino tossed his shirt aside once that was done and he unbuttoned his pants, sliding them down and finally resting his fingers on the band of his red boxers before sliding those down too.  There he stood, feeling more exposed and sensitive than he had for a long time.

Deciding to get this over with already, he sat down on his bed before moving his hand down and wrapping it around his cock.  Slowly he started pumping himself, running his thumb along a vein running down the side.   As he stroked himself he moved his other hand to feel a line along his inner line where he was already sensitive.  With a gasp he rocked into his hand, precum already dripping down the side of his cock.  God… he was this hard already.  What was he going to be like when he…?

Getting impatient he moved his hand up to his mouth and sucked on his fingers, slicking them with his tongue.  On second thought though, he’d need more than that though take in the girth of… that thing.  He stopped for a moment, his breathing already erratic from touching himself and reaching his arm out he opened his desk side drawer hurriedly fumbling with the things inside before finding his prize.  Taking the lube from the drawer he popped off the cap and squirted a decent amount on his fingers, spreading it evenly among his fingers.  Setting it aside, his fingers trailed back downwards before hesitating at his entrance.

He’d never gone this far before, at least not by himself and he’d never done it to himself either.  There was a big difference so it’s not like his hesitation was a sign of weakness or anything.  Sucking up any nervousness he felt he slowly wiggled one finger into his entrance, moving slowly and deliberately, digit by digit.  As he did so he couldn’t help but imagine that finger belonging to someone else.  Someone with a rougher hand, weathered from a life of hard work, both in the field and on the battlefield.

He’d finger him slowly, leaning forward to whisper sweet nothings in his ear.  And then they’d kiss, passion running through their veins as he’d put in a second finger, being gentle so as not to hurt him.  But it had been a while so he grimaced, the spell being broken as he was assaulted by the uncomfortableness and slight pain.

Lovino stopped, catching his breath before reaching up to twirl his hair curl, sending a needed jolt of pleasure through him leaving him shuddering and breathless.  Using that as a distraction he added a third finger, twirling his hair curl around his finger and moaning lowly.  Once all 3 fingers were inside he started moving them in and out of himself, more to further stretch himself than feeling much pleasure from it.  After he felt he’d stretched himself enough he pulled his fingers out, panting from exertion and uncurling his finger from his hair curl, leaving it looking rather mussed.

Sitting back up he looked at the dildo next to him on the bed.  He didn’t know why it made him so nervous, but it was too late to back out now.  The Italian took it into his hands, looking it over before taking the lube again, popping it open and pouring a little more into his hands before coating the dildo with it.

Taking a deep breath he leaned back once more and lined it with his hole before slowly pushing it in.  Lovino gasped at the feeling, it being definitely bigger than his 3 fingers.  It was nostalgic, the sticky heat of the summer air simply adding to the effect.  He’d been slow about it too, easing it in and muttering soothing words to distract from the pain, promising how good it’d feel soon and to just wait a little longer.  He’d make him feel fantastic soon, he’d promised.  As he slid the dildo inside himself, the Italian found himself reaching for his fully hardened dick, taking hold of it again and stroking himself until the length was fully inside him.

He felt uncomfortably full, aching from both pain and want.  He couldn’t wait anymore, taking the dildo and starting to thrust it in and out of himself, the ache turning into pleasure as time passed. As he kept at it suddenly he felt a sudden jolt of pleasure run through him, leaving him panting and moaning.  Realizing he must have found his prostrate he tried to hit it again, experimenting with angles until he hit it once more, moaning getting louder and louder.  In his mind he could see that face overhead, panting and sweating as he thrust into him repeatedly, slowly losing control as the two became one.

The hand jerking himself off sped up as he neared his climax, finally cumming as he heard in his mind’s eye those words he’d always wanted to hear from him, “Ti amo… Lovi”.  His whole body shuddered from his release, leaving him lying there on the bed, exhausted with cum on his stomach.

After a moment he took hold of the dildo and removed it, tossing it aside.  He wasn’t sure he’d use it again, it had drug too many memories to the surface for him to like.  But he’d worry about that later for now he just wanted to sleep…  And with that thought the Italian slowly drifted off, he’d deal with everything else later.
Tags: hetalia, lovino, lovino vargas, nsfw, romano, spamano
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