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Not like anyone is reading this, but if they are, hi.  Since I update this like once a year and mainly use LJ to read fanfiction while remaining for the most part a lurker (although that may be influenced by that I read everything to late to keep up with the conversations).  Although this is doing better than my Facebook page.  At least I use this.

Anyways, wow.  Isn't it weird how it gets to May and you're like "how did this happen"?  I mean I'm turning 18 in 22 days.  When did I get so old? D:  Nah, I'm not there yet, but at the speed things seem to go by, I feel like tomorrow I'll be 40 or something.  And I'm graduating.  I'm 3 weeks.  And I have an AP Calc AB test.  Tomorrow.

...I'm so doomed.

But on to more optimistic topics!  Um...  I got nothin'.  Well, I suppose I'll go with my back up plan, the awesome that is art!

It also makes a nice transition to the current love of my life, Hetalia.  And no, I'm not just in it for the slash.  I'm also in it for the crazy stories on the funnier parts of history.  :)  No, but seriously, this series got me back into history and has given me some serious food for thought on my major.  Luckily, I still have more than two years to figure that out.  But in the mean time, Hetalia!  The awesome.
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