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Gaaah >o

So yeah, I said 2 posts ago that I have to get braces.

Well, yesterday I had my first orthodontist appointment thingy.  It wasn't too bad.  They took some pictures and some s-rays, but then, they put in the spacers. ><  Dude, at first it was just kind of uncomfortable, but then later on my teeth started to get REALLY sore.  They still are 'cause all that happened yesterday. xD  I'm actually getting my braces on next Tuesday.  Wish me luck >.<

Also, I'm going to the dealership today to take the test to get my permit.  So, yeah, wish me luck on that too. xD

I'm gonna bomb Dx

Wheee :3

Well, feeling a lot happier than I did in my last post.  I'm back to my usual "screw the world" self  :3.

Oh yeah, I didn't mention this yet, but I also got a kitty!! X333  Her name's Leia and she so cute!  She's a Manx breed (aka she has a stubby tail) and is missing part of one of her ears.  We adopted her a few weeks ago.  Initially she was scared of like everything xD,  now she's just pretty jumpy :3.  But she purrs hella loud! x3  I'm gonna have to take some pictures of her and put them on here.

On another note, I think I'm gonna change my layout.  Seriously.  ._.  So, I'm off to do that! (I never could really write very long posts)


Mario can-can line! :D  It's kinda funny how all of them are girls xD  Also, I know 2 of 'em :3  The ones in purple (dunno what their character's names are xDD).




Anyways, dang, I haven't written in a freakin' LONG time o.o  Schools already started too.  AND I found out last week that I need


!)@($&% ^$&#(@))!*@*#$&(@)!(@




And ya wanna know why?  It's because of my freakin' canine teeth.  ...They're still baby teeth.  It seems that my adult canine are stuck up above my baby ones and were too @(#@$)^%
nice to move in and just kick out the babys.   But yeah, so now I need braces for the next 2 and a 1/2 years.  I haven't gotten them yet, but I will probably like next week or somethin'.  ...-_-...  So yeah.  And of course, 4-5 months after that I'm gonna have oral surgery or whatever to force the adults to come down.   So yeah, this outta be fun. -glares at the world-


On a good note, I'm taking Japanese 2 this year, which is fun.  Kobayashi-sensei is... tougher, but cool enough :3  Anyways, I'll write more later, I wanna get some breakfast before I have to get to school.

The Past Few Weeks...

Sooo.... It's been an interesting past 2-3 weeks.  So, 2 weeks ago, about the middle of the weeks my brother came down with a bug.  The same bug that put a whole school not too far from where I live out b/c  they were sick.  So many were sick they had to close the school.  And guess who also got that bug? :D  Why me of course.

So, I started to get sick around Friday, but it wasn't until Sunday that the bug got me in a stranglehold.  Luckily thank the cheese gods I was well enough on Saturday that I got to help out with the dragon dance which was part of a kung-fu/tai-chi performance that my kung-fu dojo? I'm not sure what you call it xD and another one was involved in.  It was mostly for small children hence why it was on Saturday and not on Thursday when the actual Chinese New Year took place, but it was fun.  Also I got to be involved in something that otherwise I might not have had a chance to do.

Anyways, explanation of dragon dance bit:
So, you know those dragons that people move by being underneath it that you see when the Chinese New Year rolls by?  Well there was two of those, a lion and a dragon (they were pretty small though, only two people under each of them).  They did there thing including this REALLY high jump (the secret being they use the other person and jump off their arms which is why the can jump so high, basically, they get help xD.)  Then they did this skit of this old story of a monkey tormenting a lion.  It involved this guy who did stuff using monkey-styled kung-fu and of course, the lion.  Where does the dragon dance come in?  Well, first off all, the dragon dance is really simple, you just hold these poles that suspend the dragon up in the air (you need like 10 people for this) and you bob it up and down or, at times swoop it sideways.  Really simple, hence why I was allowed to do it xD.  I've only been doing this for about, 5 months now?  Not very far.  I do have better stamina and strength.  And less arm flab :D  Anyways, towards the end, we swooped in (one of my 2 teachers leading) and circled around the dragon and the lion.  Personally, I think the kids liked the other group better.  They only did the skit and threw candy into the audience while my group had the tai-chi stuff which, while interesting for adults, not so much for little kids.  They love the kung-fu action! xD

Anyways, so by Sunday I was sick.  And I stayed at home sick until Wednesday when my mom took me to the doctor.  The doctor prescribed me some pink antibiotics Valentines day theme?  That Thursday was Valentines Day.  And no, I got squat.  I went back to school and  found out, I had 4 tests the next day! :D  Two were makeup and the Lit. quiz was pretty easy, but still.  Also, I had my first kanji quiz which wasn't too bad, but I also had a makeup Geometry chapter test and a Chemistry chapter test ><

But yeah, enough about me whining can't help it I'm on my god-damned period.  And  yes, I do swear a lot  more when my worst-friend-ever knocks down my door.  The good news is that this past week was winter break for me.  It's not over yet, but it almost is and I doubt Sunday will be THAT interesting.  Anyways, so it was pretty much usual for me.  I had a friend of mine Cheryl come over and we played Naruto and Mario Kart: Double Dash, but not much.  Except for a dentist appointment on Wednesday.  Finding out we had a leak on Saturday and finally having it fixed on Friday, and seeing Vantage Point.  It was pretty good actually, definitely a thriller movie; lots of violence and you get to watch this explosion like 7 times from diferent POVs.  The commercials give away too much though :(  Like the fact that the president wasn't really shot x_X

And that's about it.  Nothing really new, no life-altering changes, just a break.  And a cough that I currently have that won't. die. Die!


Christmas Vacation Stuff/Finals

Ok so first of all,

It's finals week.  Whee.

Wish me luck!  My first 2 finals were today and they weren't to horrible.  My next two tommorrow, Art and PE are a joke xD  I don't even have an Art final and PE is just a badminton test (I suck at badminton).  My final two on Thursday though, are Geometry Enriched and Chemistry.  ><  Not too worried about Geometry but Chemistry I'm gonna have to study for.


Christmas Break starts this Friday for me <33

As you guys probably already know (At Lisa should...) I'm going to Topeka for a week of Christmas break which is pretty close to KC/Leavenworth ;3  I'll be there Monday.

My brain is dead so I can't think of anything else to write.



A few minutes ago I experienced my first earthquake!  It was weird 'cause you see the walls shaking.  It was a pretty minor earthquake.  It was fun though!  I've also discovered that my room is minor-earthquake proof aka if one happens nothing falls.  The reason I haven't experienced one before this, what with living in California and all, is 'cause the area I live in is on bedrock which is stronger than ordinary ground.  Which makes me think it must have been either a decent earthquake or a pretty close one.  Either way, earthquake wheeeeee~! :DDDD

Anyways, man I nearly forgot about this place.  The only reason I remembered was because I wanted to tell SOMEBODY about it and of course.. absolutely no one is online.  ...Of course.

Gah, I've been SO BUSY with school.  I've run more in these past 2 months than I have EVER!!!  In PE every week we run 1/2 mile on Monday and the Circuit which is about a mile on Wednesays.  I.  HATE.  running.  Always will..  But besides that, I'm really liking my Art 2 class.  I have an awesome teacher <3  And my Geometry Enriched teacher is pretty cool even though he gives us a ton of homework every day.  My chemistry teacher's pretty cool; she has a snake in the classroom.  It's really funny 'cause these two guys in my class are really afraid of it.  The snake does that tongue thing to sniff the air and one of them went "It's tasting me!"  My Chemistry class is pretty fun :)  Oh, and I'm taking Japanese :3333  It is so fun learning it.  Finally, my World literature teacher is good, but I don't like giving speeches which we are starting to give tomorrow D:

Also, I found out about Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and I want it so badly.  But it looks like it's only being released in Japan ;_;  So... link to petition to sell it in America!


Do it for the Demyx puppy!

Stuff has happened recently...

Well, these past few days have been interesting.

Yesterday, I went to the beach and actually had a pretty good time besides the fact that the sand was REALLY REALLY hot and the ocean was REALLY cold.  However, I did get a bit burned ><.  it wasn't that bad though and I DID get a bit tanner from it :D.  Which means I have gone from a bit pale to normal coloring.  Yay! :3

And, today I had a haircut.  It's a pretty major haircut.  It's really different, but I lurv it X3.  I'll post a picture of my new haircut when I get a picture taken and can post.  So basically a.s.a.I.p.c.

Also, I got these new pair of shoes that has a dragon design on it.  I'll take a picture of them too, 'cause I LOVE THEM!  Yes, I am in fangirly mode.  Squeeeeeee~



1. I had this really weird dram a few nights ago.  I was a counselor for a camp next to a beach, when a hurricane happened.  I'm not gonna explain fully what happened but I did survive and I didn't actually FINISH the dream.  It was weird also, because after I woke up I kept on feeling like a hurricane was gonna sneak up behind me.  Yes, I know that is totally irrational, but I couldn't help it >.<  It was a scarily realistic dream thanks to my imagination.  Also, I NEVER remember my dreams, but for some reason I remember this one.  ...Eh.

2. In a week from today I'll be going to orientation at my school and in two weeks my school will start ;_;

3. I've been recently playing this game called Maple Story.  It's rather fun I guess.  Eh.

4. Umm... running out of ideas... .............Oh, I've also finally gotten back to playing FF12.  And I've also gotten FFX-2 and am about 40-something percent done with it.  I still need to finish FF10 but I'm stuck on a boss.  -shakes fist at Seymour-  Damn you Seymour, why won't you just STAY dead!  D<  I'm stuck on the 3rd time you have to defeat him.

5. Ok, so this summer I've
    a. Moved to San Francisco
    b. Worked as a CIT for Camp Galileo for a month (4 weeks overall)
    c. catching up on my video games
    d. gotten some anime at this Japanese store I found in Japantown in San Jose(BIG suburb here.)
    e. lazed about
    d. slept

Now, please reply telling what YOU'VE done with you summer :D

And... that's it.  ...Picture!

I was trying to get a head shot of her for something, and I did but I ended up with "a siren" after I had cropped the rest of the picture out.  Thought it was funny 'cause I think I remember that she doesn't sing very well.  Which makes it ironic.

[Insert something here]

So...  It's been a REALLY long time since the last time I posted.  I've moved to San Fran successfully.  And~ I'm working voluntarily at a Camp Galileo so I can hopefully get a job there next year.

Anyways, on Saturday I bought The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 1.  It was insane, crazy, and AWESOME.  I'll also got the 4th DVD of Princess Tutu.  It's also really awesome.  I'm pretty smiley right now.  Hmm... I'm going to fill this empty space with a picture!

Gaia Online. <D

This is Sad....

Seriously.  but, I finally learned how to do the thing below!

this ->


No kitty nooo

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